RMAN Commands List (Oracle 11g)

Here is the list of key RMAN commands that are used for Backup and related activities:

LIST Commands :

LIST Commands are generic RMAN commands that will show/list various types of information when executed within RMAN utility.

RMAN> list backup;

It lists all the backups taken using RMAN utility.

RMAN> list backup of database;

The above command lists out all the (individual) files that are in the backup.

RMAN> list backup of tablespace system;

The above command lists out all the files that are in the backup that belong to the tablespace ‘system’.

RMAN> list backup of control file;

The above command lists out all backups of the control file.

CONFIGURE Commands :

CONFIGURE commands in RMAN are used to configure/setup various initial settings:


The above commands indicates how many days the backup copies need to be retained. Default is 1 day.


The above command resets the Retention policy to the default value of 1 day.


The above command verifies to make sure that identical files are NOT backed up to the device specified.


The above command resets the Optimization option to the default value.

SHOW Commands :

Show commands are used to show/display the configuration setting values.

RMAN> show all;

The above command shows all the current configuration settings on the screen.

RMAN> show retention policy;

The above command shows the current retention policy.

RMAN> show default device type;

The above command shows the default device type configured for backups.

RMAN> show datafile backup copies;

The above command shows the number of backup copies available in the target database.

BACKUP Commands :

Backup commands are the real commands which do the actual backup work.

RMAN> backup database;

The above command backs up the database (target).

RMAN> backup database include current controlfile plus archive log;

The above command backs up the target database and the current control file and archive log files.

REPORT Commands :

Report commands list/report specific information. The difference between report and list command is report command output is in a better format.

RMAN> report obsolete;

The above command reports which backups can be deleted.

DELETE Commands :

Delete commands delete/remove specific items from the server, repository catalog.

RMAN> delete obsolete;

The above command deletes all the backups that are older based on the retention policy setup.


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